Heritage Middle School Leading Innovations – ELA/SS 8

Heritage Middle School Leading Innovations – ELA/SS 8

Mission: The overall goal of our combined ELA and Social Studies class is to help you, as a student, grow as a thinker, writer, and a communicator.  During out time together, you will develop and demonstrate literacy and social studies skills like critical reading, writing, analytical thinking, and research.  Our focus will be to do this through a historical lens (past and present), using fiction and nonfiction texts to see common themes and ideas. You will create, collaborate and share, making meaningful connections about what you are learning across S.S. and ELA.


  • SS/ELA team will collaborate at least once a week.
  • Instructional Coach will meet with the team once a week and observe the class at least once a week.
  • Work to develop a planning document that would include the success criteria


Timeline of Implementation

  • September
    • Observe a current ML ELA/SS co-taught classroom. Following the observation, team will debrief and work on upcoming lessons.
  • November
    • Work session would include the modifying planning document, work on current unit, & outline 2nd semester
  • December
    • Work session would include strategies that work, work on upcoming PBL, & 2nd semester changes
  • January
    • Attend PBL SSV to finalize 2nd semester PBL


Supporting LPS initiatives and core beliefs  

Co-taught classes will use project based learning as a platform for learning.  In addition, teachers will work to transfer the learning through the visible learning process.

Class Evidence:


  • In/Out Circle discussion
    • Student focused on one side of the story.
    • Surface level discussion
    • Students talking over each other a number of time.
    • Still appeared to be “talking to the teacher” at times

  • Modified in/out activity
    • After collaborating with Fulk/Springer they took feedback & other strategies to create more in-depth conversations.
    • Had students use “C.A.R.S” to reflect on the type of questions being asked.  
    • Outside circle recorded notes on the type of discussions taking place
Reform 2019 eZines – We Want Change


Carolyn Fulk – Social Studies

  • Kristen Mason – Social Studies
  • Alyssa Springer – ELA
  • Cristina Armilio – ELA

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