Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom as Disney “Imagineers”

Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom as Disney “Imagineers”

In this FETC workshop, participants discovered how to prepare students for the world that is their future by becoming a Disney “Imagineer” for a day and designing a new theme park attraction. Imagineers are a combination of engineers who are innovative, creative and imaginative. Create a team and then dream, design, build and share. Topics: STEAM – inquiry and project-based learning, patent research, storyboards, sketch ideas, building models, presentations, test ideas, and completing the project. You will use math, science, engineering, art and technology and gain a better understanding of the connection between these subjects. Teams compete and follow the five stages: accessing prior knowledge, investigating to build foundational knowledge, expanding knowledge, applying knowledge and contributing knowledge. Learn how to intentionally and structurally go about teaching kids to think critically, so they will be deeply engaged. This process can be applied at all levels and is part of the online course that is offered (link below).

The presenter was Dr. Howie DiBlasi, CEO of Digital Journey


Designing Disney-Inspired Classrooms: Turning Your Classroom into a Magic Kingdom

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