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Creating Visual Stories

This vlog is a description of how teachers can create visual stories in class.  Several teachers at DMS use this technique and it a different way to create a video without having students be the ones on the video. History Geek Teacher Vlog #20 – Creating Visual Stories 

2018 Nebraska Educational Technology Association Conference Notes

This doc is a list of my notes from the 2018 Nebraska Educational Technology Conference (NETA) held in Omaha – April 2018. 2018 NETA Conference Notes – Langhorst  

10 Tools Every New Teacher Needs

Here is an ISTE webinar called 10 Tools Every New Teacher Needs. Some free and some paid. 1. GSuite 2. Flip Grid 3. Twitter 4. Padlet 5. Adobe Spark Suite 6. Piktochart 7. Buncee 8. Nearpod 9. Explain Everything 10. Playposit extra: Read and Write Google extension.

Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom as Disney “Imagineers”

In this FETC workshop, participants discovered how to prepare students for the world that is their future by becoming a Disney “Imagineer” for a day and designing a new theme park attraction. Imagineers are a combination of engineers who are innovative, creative and imaginative. Create a team and then dream, design, build and share. Topics:…
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Sixty in Sixty: 60 Instructional Technologies in 60 Minutes

In this FETC session, the presenter will briefly discuss sixty resources in sixty minutes. The presenter was Michael Meechin, principal at NeoCity Academy. Sixty in Sixty Resources More from Michael Meechin:  

How to Disney: Lessons from the Mouse

In this FETC workshop, participants explored the elements of the Disney customer experience that make it one of the most highly regarded companies in the world, and will consider the question, “How can we apply these lessons to our work as educators and building culture in our schools” Tim Wilhelmus, @twilhelmus, was the speaker. Timothy is…
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