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Motivating the Musical Mind (Midwest 2018)

Dr. Andrew Poor presented this clinic at Midwest in 2018.  I have interacted with him in the context of DCI in the past.  He is a brilliant educator and musician, and offered a great deal of helpful information in his clinic and handout, linked below.  Included in the handout are web links to several documents…
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A Question of Proportion and Ethics – Amplified/Electronic Sounds in Marching Band (Midwest 2018)

Here is the handout from a clinic at the 2018 Midwest Clinic regarding the ethics of synthetic sounds in live marching band performance/design.  While a good portion of the clinic involved demonstration and discussion, the handout has a great deal of information contained within it.  The clinic was not designed to answer any questions or…
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Band – Beginning Horn Students Handout (Midwest 2018)

Here is a handout from a clinic I attended at Midwest in 2018 regarding the first days of instruction for beginning horn students.  This represents a well-crafted, methodical approach to the instrument with young students.  There is some good ‘food for thought’ contained within the document. Day_One_Handout_F_HORN_FINAL_2018.original.1544556824

If you play something, SAY something

Brian Balmages presented a clinic about the importance of connecting with music as a language.  “If you play something, say something.”  He talked about the marriage of technique/fundamentals WITH artistry and “feelings.”  It was an inspirational and instructive clinic!!!  Read below about 3 stages of musicianship – most bands never get out of stage 1…
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STEM to STEAM Presentation

Katie Fisher and Aaron Money presented at the State Education Agency Directors for Arts Education National Conference in September. The presentation spoke to resources that Liberty School District has for Arts Integration and STEAM.

STAM 2018 Conference Resources

I was happy to be able to attend my first STAM conference this week. There were many great Speech and Theatre sessions to attend and I came away with some wonderful resources to share as well. I have created a STAM 2018 Google Folder where supporting materials for Speech and Theatre can be found. Some…
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STAM- Secondary Debate Overview

The following is an overview of the sessions attended at the Speech/Theater Association of Missouri Conference held September 20-22. Session 1- Public Forum Debate The session emphasized best practices in teaching public forum debate, provided strategies for increasing learner agency through instructor scaffolding, rudimentary coaching/in round strategies, and outlined an overview of the October topic…
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MO Learning Forward Conference

The session, “Cool Tool Duel” by Lees Summit R-7 School District.  This presentation include tools that supported; critical thinking, formative assessments, active engagement, & feedback.  The presentation style was very engaging and a great way to preview a large number of tools and strategies.

Creating Google Maps from Spreadsheet Data

This vlog describes how you can quickly take data from a spreadsheet and import it to a Google Map. History Geek Teacher Vlog #5 – Creating Google Maps from a Spreadsheet 

2017 National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Conference Notes

This doc is a collection of notes from the NCSS (National Council for the Social Studies) Conference in San Francisco – November 2017.  I presented on using local historical resources and a poster session on using 3D printing in the social studies classroom. 2017 NCSS Notes – Langhorst